Welcome to Avanti Nut Company, Inc.

Avanti Nut Co. Inc. is located between Lodi and Linden, CA. This region is known for its cool summer nights, which is considered an ideal growing condition for walnuts, allowing us to provide a superior quality nut to our buyers.

We have made a conscious decision to source all of our walnuts from this area to ensure that our customers receive the best quality nut product possible.


Nuts are a great part of a healthy lifestyle

Nuts provide the protein, fiber and minerals that your body needs.

Make Avanti nuts part of your family’s diet. Your family will thank you.

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Looking for new meal ideas?

Avanti nuts are great as an addition to any meal or even as snack by themselves.

Try some of our delicious recipes and send us some of your favorites. We’d love to hear from you!

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Grown in the heart of California

The San Joaquin valley is the perfect place to grow walnuts and is where we operate from. We aim to bring you the very best nuts possible

We invite you to learn more about us and what makes our nuts so special.

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Do you need walnuts for your products?

Find out more about our products and what we have to offer you and your customers.

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