We are a family owned and operated business who’s success is based on our high expectations of ourselves, our employees, and our growers.  We provide our employees a safe work environment and opportunity for personal growth.  We provide our growers a financially stable home for their walnuts, where they’re viewed as long term business partners, not just suppliers.

Avanti and our growers take a tremendous amount of pride in producing and supplying the finest walnuts.  We are able to produce fine quality walnuts by incorporating the best cultural practices.  Our growers are true stewards of the land who are environmentally conscious.  We are focused on sustaining natural resources like water, air, and land.  We monitor our water quality by testing it on a regular basis ensuring that it is free from any harmful pathogens, we shred our tree limbs instead of burning them, and we use our land to produce healthy walnuts that are nutritious.

Vision:  To be recognized and respected as one of the premier suppliers of high quality and safe walnut products worldwide.

Mission:  We are dedicated to providing our:

  1.  Customers a safe, high quality nut product that always meets or exceeds their expectations.
  2. Employees a safe, fulfilling place of employments with the potential for personal growth.
  3. Growers a financially stable home for their walnuts, where they can be viewed as business partners for the long term.