Walnut Meal

Description: Natural walnuts, consisting of pieces which pass through a 1/8″ screen. Meal fragments are clean, well-dried, free from excessive defects and damage, and graded in accordance with USDA and DFA standards.

Variety: Various.

Physical Specifications

Color: Light.
Shell Fragment (per case): Normal Spec. 1 per 100 lbs or better.
Meal: 100%
Foreign Material: None Allowed.
Total Defect: Not to exceed 1% by weight.

Packaging: 30 lb. net wt. in corrugated cardboard carton with food grade poly-liner.

Religious Certification: Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco.

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life: Shelf life at ambient temperatures (70° F) is three (3) months.

Optimum Storage Conditions of 32-38° F and 60% relative humidity are ideal for shelled walnuts and will significantly improve shelf life. Product kept under optimum storage conditions can be kept for 18-24 months from HARVEST date.